Monday, April 29, 2013

The Activities Team

I'd like to take just a few words this week to recognize the paid activities team that works here at Carlisle High School.  I'm blessed to work with two hard working, caring individuals who work tirelessly to do good things for our students, coaches, directors, and sponsors.

Rich Parker is a tremendous worker who has been serving as the event manager here at Carlisle for the last 10+ years.  Rich takes a great deal of pride in the work that he is does and does a great job with the setting up and tearing down at many of our activities.  I still remember the first home football game of the season, marveling at Rich's routine and how he did everything with precision and excellence.  That work ethic continued through the winter seasons, and now into the spring.  Rich is a great asset to our department and I know many students and fans appreciate everything that he does.  I know I do.  Thanks Rich.

Vicki Born joined us in mid-September.  Vicki handles our student eligibility, takes care of our programs for home events, communicates with many vendors, handles the paying of our bills, works on some special projects for us, not to mention many other day to day duties.  One of the biggest things she does though is handle the scheduling of our facilities, which can be a juggling act. Vicki is very organized, a self starter, and a people person.  She's a fantastic member of our team.  Thanks Vicki.

I also would like to thank Kris Cooper and Mr. Calhoun who helped in my transition here last summer when I started on July 1.  They were a lot of help.

It takes more than just the three of us to accomplish what we try to do each day, and there are other secretaries, administrators, and employees who give us a great deal of support  and help.  Thank you to all of the folks who contribute to the Activities Department and have helped in my first year here.  Couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you.

Not much life changing or personally challenging in today's blog except this.  Have you taken the time to say Thank You to the people in your life who help you each and every day?  It may be a family member, a fellow employee, or a friend, but whoever it is take time today to have:


Monday, April 22, 2013

New Girls Basketball Coach

I know folks have been waiting to hear about our new Girls Basketball Coach, and we are pleased to announce it today.  We gave our new coach the opportunity to meet with his current team before releasing information.  Now that this has been done we are excited to announce Bryan White as our new Girls Basketball Coach and HS Math Teacher, pending board approval.

One of the priorities in this search was to find a qualified basketball coach who would also be a teacher in the high school to allow day to day access to our athletes.  We have found that person and are excited to have Coach White join us at Carlisle High School.  We look forward to welcoming Coach White and his family to our community very soon and getting him in touch with our girls basketball team and families.  

The press release that was released to local and regional media is below.  

April 23, 2013
For Immediate Release:

Carlisle High School Names Bryan White Head Girls’ Basketball Coach

Carlisle Community Schools has named Bryan White as its new head varsity girls’ basketball coach. White comes to Carlisle from Red Oak, Iowa, where he was most recently the boys head varsity basketball coach. White, who was named KMA radio area coach of the year for his coaching efforts last season, brings 20 years of prep and AAU basketball coaching experience to the position.

We are thrilled to welcome Bryan as our new girls’ basketball coach,” said Carlisle Activities Director Todd Gordon. “Coach White will bring a passion for the game of basketball that will be contagious for our girls, fans and community. He believes in his role as an educator and will have a positive impact on all students he comes in contact with. He is a great fit for the things we are striving to accomplish at Carlisle High School.”

Prior to his time in Red Oak, White spent 14 years at Oskaloosa Community Schools, coaching both the girls and boys varsity basketball teams during his tenure, in addition to leading the girls golf team.

“We are all very excited to become Wildcats,” said White, in reference to his family, which includes wife, Rene, and children Skyler (14), Brianne (6) and Brooke (5). “We can’t wait to find a house and get settled in the Carlisle area. I look forward to meeting all of the girls and their parents on the team and am anxious to share my vision for girls basketball in Carlisle.”

White, who earned his undergraduate degree from William Penn and his master of arts in education from Viterbo, started his career at Battle Creek/Ida Grove Schools. The Tri-Center, IA HS native will also serve as a high school math teacher in the Carlisle school district. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Not This Week

    My heart is heavy thinking about the tragedy that occurred this afternoon at the Boston Marathon.  I really don't have anything intelligent to write about in light of the horrible act of terrorism.  It's just hard to think.  And it really wouldn't matter anyway.  I've shared some thoughts on my personal blog but they are few.

    Please keep those individuals and families whose lives were changed today in your thoughts and prayers.


Monday, April 8, 2013

When Opportunity Arises

Most sports fans have seen by now what happened last Saturday at the Nebraska Spring Game.  What a moment for young Jack Hoffman.  What a moment for the Nebraska players and coaches who made it happen.  Now, I'm not a Nebraska fan, but I'm a fan of the value of participation in athletics and for that reason, I applaud the University of Nebraska.

20 years from now when they get together to reminisce some will talk about a tough win they have during next fall's 2013 football season.  Some may talk about a tough loss and how one got away from them.  A few may talk about a prank or two they pull on a teammate. But, they ALL will talk about the touchdown that 7 year old Jack Hoffman scored in Memorial Stadium that afternoon on April 6, 2013.

It's moments like these that make me do what I do and why I think the world of athletics is so special.  The important thing is to be ready to act when the moment presents itself.  Sometimes we only have a brief window to respond when that opportunity arises and I think we need to be ready to act.  It may take a little extra work and a little extra time, but be on the lookout for how you can help make a memory for someone else.  In the end, you'll be making a memory for yourself too.  One that means a whole lot more than any championship game you might ever win.

Make a difference. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Good Luck Spring Activities


Hard to believe we're into what is the 3rd quarter of our activities calendar.  Spring seasons! Although the weather hasn't really made it feel like it yet we're off and running.  By the end of this week all of our 6 spring sports will have at least one competition under their belt.

Spring is also a busy time for the fine arts.  Band and Choir Departments have their small group and large group state contests and work toward Division I ratings.

Spring is a very quick competitive season as most regular season contests happen within about a 6 week window.  Rescheduling due to weather becomes difficult and often times next to impossible.

This spring has already given us issues due to the cold weather.  Some schools have had to call off events due to the fact that  water cannot be turned on at outdoor facilities, so restroom and concession facilities are not available.  We are fortunate we have a couple of weeks left before we host an event to allow for some warmer temperatures.

Add into the mix the start of baseball and softball practice around the first of May and it gets even busier, which is why students who are active in educational athletics and activities must be organized and learn valuable time management skills by their participation.  The time that our students are investing right now will serve them well in their futures.

So, GOOD LUCK to the Soccer, Track, and Golf teams and coaches and our Music Department and directors as you represent CHS and display your #wildcatpride.