Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So...Who's the New Guy?

Greetings from the Carlisle Activities Department and the new Activities Director.  My name is Todd Gordon and I'm honored to join the Carlisle Community Schools team and serve the students, coaches, directors, and sponsors of our different activities in Carlisle.  I hope to use this blog to communicate different ideas, thoughts, and address issues within our department....and eventually I will begin to do that.  In this first blog I'd just like to take a bit of time and give you a little background on the "new guy".

I'm coming to Carlisle from Treynor where I've served as the Activities Director for the past 7 years.  While in Treynor I also taught HS PE, coached boys and girls golf and also was the assistant varsity boys basketball coach for my first 6 years there.  Other stops in my educational journey have been in Walnut (1985-87), Lisbon (87-89), Manning (89-99), Nebraska Christian College (99-2001), and Harlan (2001-2005).  Yeah, I've been around a little bit but every move has been for a family reason or a professional advancement that I didn't feel I would be able to achieve at my current school.  We've been able to meet and have some great friendships along the way both professionally, personally, and have been blessed in every community.  We look forward to developing those relationships within the Carlisle community.

My family has obviously been a very important part of what I've done and I couldn't have done anything without their support.  My wife, Deb, and I are going on 29 years of marriage.  We have three children and two grandsons.  Our oldest daughter, Nicole, is married and she and Brett Ricley have our 18 month old grandson Jonathan.  They are raising support to begin working in campus ministry in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah and hope to be on location by the Fall of 2012.  Our son, A.J., is going to be a senior at Midland University in Fremont, NE.  A.J. is majoring in education and coaching and plays basketball as well.  Abby is almost 20 and she has a son, Parker, who is going on 9 months old.  Abby will be attending DMACC and will study nursing.

That's a bit about me.   I like to use technology to communicate information, opinions, and facts to our constituents.  You can follow me on Twitter @toddagordon and can also follow the new Twitter site of Carlisle Wildcat Activities @carlislewildcats. I will also be using this blog as well to communicate with you from time to time.  Even with all this technology there is still nothing like a face to face talk and I look forward to personally meeting folks in the Carlisle community and working together to provide quality programs for our students.  If you have a group or event I would be more than happy to come talk about what our programs, students, and what we are doing inside the Carlisle Activities Department.  Hope to see you soon.

Go Wildcats!!