Thursday, January 8, 2015

Social Media

Social media plays a big part of our day to day life this day and age.  Just like anything it can be used in a positive or negative way.  I recently came across an article that did an excellent job of speaking to the issue and thought it was worth sharing.

The article, written by Jeff DiVeronica of Houston, TX 10 days ago, features input from high school coaches and athletes, as well as college coaches and how they have stopped recruiting student/athletes after looking at some of their social media posts.

One of the quotes in the article that stood out to me by a college basketball coach was "Never let a 140 character tweet cost you a $140,000 scholarship".  There are many good points in the article so I am posting a link for those that would like to read it.  I would especially encourage those that are hoping to play college sports to take the time to read it and read it to the end for some good "Do's And Don'ts.

One Bad Tweet Can Be Costly To A Student Athlete