Friday, August 22, 2014

2014-15 Here We Come!!

Welcome To The 2014-15 School Year Wildcats!!

What an exciting time of year.  Things start new.  New buildings for some.  Some teachers starting their careers for the first time, or changing schools.  Even if you're a senior and you've been here your entire career it's the start of something new.  No matter where you are in that spectrum, I hope your year is a great one. 

We're excited about some new programs and things going on in the Activities Department.  Here are a few highlights.  

The Wildcat Way

We're excited to launch a new program that will help us to emphasize character development in our programs, and in our school.  We believe in educational based activities and we've adopted the Wildcat Way to help us teach, and live, in a way that makes a difference.  Here it is: 

  • We Respect All, Fear None
  • Integrity Above All Else
  • Live With A Commitment To Excellence
  • Dream and Believe
  • Control What We Can Control
  • Aspire To Be Better Every Day
  • TEAM First
We believe that if we can work to practice, live, and compete this way we will continue to grow our programs and our people at the same time.  I'll speak more to each of these as the year progresses, but for now I'd encourage each of us "Live The Wildcat Way"

Carlisle Athletic Hall of Fame

The Carlisle High School Athletic Hall of Fame is being established to recognize and honor outstanding achievements of athletes, coaches, teams, and others who have made significant contributions to the athletic program and have promoted the growth of the athletics at Carlisle High School, as well as, Hartford High School, which closed in 1962, and became a part of Carlisle High School.  

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held each year at a home basketball game.  This year's induction will be on January 30, 2015.  

For more information please visit and click on the Carlisle Hall of Fame section on the home page.  

Wildcat Athletic Council

The Wildcat Athletic Council is comprised of a group of students who will meet with Mr. Gordon once a month.  One junior and senior student athlete were selected by their coaches to serve on the council. However, any high school student athlete who is interested in being a part of the program is welcome to attend.  Our first meeting is Monday, August 25th at 7:00 A.M. in the HS auditorium. 

Meetings will consist of updates on the happenings going on within our different sports, discussion on leadership issues, sportsmanship, local and state rules, policies, and procedures, as well as, ways that these students can help to serve our entire athletic program.  The goal is to develop leaders that will help to serve our programs now, and our communities and society in the future.  

As you can see we have many new things happening this year in the Activities Department.  I'm excited every day to come work with our students, coaches, directors, and sponsors.  It's a fantastic group of people and together I believe that our potential really has no limit.  Sometimes the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves.  

If you need information on schedules, forms, or happenings going on within the Activities Department be sure to make a bookmark and frequent stop.  For updates and news as it happens follow us on Twitter @chswildcatpride.

Here's to a fantastic and exciting year Wildcats!