Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Seasons Are Here

As we enter into the winter seasons we'd just like to say "Good Luck" to all of the students/coaches/directors participating in the next few months.  When we return from Thanksgiving break everything will get cranked up in a hurry.

A new feature we are working to add this season is using a video site called High School Cube to stream the games live over the internet.  We will have the capability to add broadcasters, but for now we are working to just add the feed and have the camera following the action with sound from the gym.  So, if you can't make it to a game, or an event, tune into our station and you can feel like you are there.  Make sure to share this with friends and family worldwide so they can watch the Wildcats as well.

Here's the link for our station:  Carlisle HS Cube  We will be doing a test on this during the 9/JV game here on Monday night.

As always, follow the Wildcats, and receive updates from games and activities, on Twitter by following @chswildcatpride

Use our activities website for schedules, updates, and the latest news.  Carlisle Activities

Finally, we'll get busy when we return from the break, but from all of us at CHS, we wish you a great Thanksgiving break, good times with family and friends, and safety as you travel....and possibly go Black Friday shopping.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Athletes Who Care: Positive Stories

The Six Pillars of Character is a program that emphasizes six core ethical values that guide our choices.  From time to time, I will share some thoughts and examples, of how areas of those character traits can be, and have been, shared in every day life, and in competition.  Victory without integrity is hollow and really means nothing.

I would encourage you to look for ways to show at least one area of the Six Pillars of Character every day as compete in practice against teammates, in competition with other schools, or going about your daily routine.  No matter what, Every Day, Character Counts.

Here's some examples of Pillar #5, Caring, in action:

Matt Hoffman
Hoffman, a football player at Rowan University, gave up the end of his junior season of football to donate his bone stem cells to a complete stranger suffering from cancer.  "It's a football game.  They come and go," Hoffman told CBS.  "You have a man's life.  It was very easy for me to choose."

Students of the Dallas Independent School District and Jared Williams
In 2009, 14 year old Jared Williams was paralyzed during a high school football game.  Shortly after the accident, Williams' teammates and other students at Dallas ISD began a fundraising campaign called Project 24.  They calculated that, if everyone in the district donated 24 cents, they could make Williams' home handicap accessible.  Instead, they raised enough money to pay for an entirely new home.  Despite his daily struggle to regain movement in his body, Williams also gives back. When another Dallas area football player was paralyzed this season, "Williams and his mother were the first to visit him in the hospital the next morning."

Lionel Messi
One of the world's greatest soccer players, Barcelona FC's Lionel Messi took time to meet Jordyn Farrell, 16, who has had cancer twice.  Through the Craig Willinger Fund, which raises money to send soccer fans with cancer to games and tournaments all over the world, Jordyn and her father went to Barcelona and watched Messi score two goals against Villareal.  After the game, Jordyn met several Barcelona players, and then, at 2 a.m., she got to meet Messi.  He signed her jersey and took a picture with her.  Nick Farrell, Jordyn's father, said, "Messi was amazing...He was really genuine about it when he came over.  [Jordyn] told me she's never going to wash that jersey again."

Sometimes, most of the time, it just takes a little time and effort to make a positive impact.  Look for ways to put forth that effort.  You'll make a difference.


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