Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Closing Out 2012-13...A Look Back (Part 1)

As we bring the 2012-13 activity season to a close I thought it would be fun and nostalgic to look back on the year and highlight the blogs that were written in the last few months.  We will start to get back on a regular schedule of blogs as the school year gets started again.  I am also inviting all of our coaches and activity sponsors to write a blog sharing what participating in Activities means to them.  I'm hoping they will take advantage of this opportunity....if not, you'll be stuck with me each week.  

Here's a sampling of what was shared during the past school year with the date of the blog, it's title, and a bit from the last few lines of each blog.  This is Part 1.  Look for this to be a four part series posted every couple of days.

In addition, any of these blogs can always be accessed and revisited at the blog site by using the blog archive.

June 26, 2012     So...Who's The New Guy

 I like to use technology to communicate information, opinions, and facts to our constituents.  You can follow me on Twitter @toddagordon and can also follow the new Twitter site of Carlisle Wildcat Activities @carlislewildcats. I will also be using this blog as well to communicate with you from time to time.  Even with all this technology there is still nothing like a face to face talk and I look forward to personally meeting folks in the Carlisle community and working together to provide quality programs for our students.

August 2     When It Feels Like Home

 I know without a doubt that I have new home in Carlisle now because of what I saw on a hot July afternoon from a group of fans, coaches, and players.  I'm still learning the Carlisle way in some areas of my job but I'm sure that we're going to get some great things accomplished  because of the Carlisle Way of competing and that makes me excited to get to "work". Oh, and boy, does this feel like home.

November 11     What's Been Going On?

So, it's been quite an eventful fall and I've been trying to learn how things have worked around here.  We've made some changes and will continue to evaluate things and try to make them as efficient  as possible as the Carlisle Schools and Activities Department continues to grow and work on a larger scale.  We ask for your understanding as we go through some growing pains but we do ask you to remember that the Activities #1 priority will always be our students and providing them the opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom that help prepare them for their future.

February 2, 2013     Commit

I got a book a couple of weeks ago by Jon Gordon (no relation) “One Word that Will Change Your Life”.  Highly recommended.  Reads in about 30-40 minutes.  My word for the year is COMMIT.  I’m going to commit to being better in every area of my life.  Husband, Father,Grandfather, Job, healthy choices…you get the picture.  Every area.  Even as a blogger.  So, I’ll try to share a few thoughts once a week on Monday morning.  I’m going to COMMIT to getting better.  How about you?  Want to join me?

February 4     10 Things I've Learned

2.  Success is a Journey, Not a Destination. We will never be done.  We want the target on our back, will work to get it there, and then embrace it.  

1. It’s Great To Be A Wildcat.  That IS #1!!

(I recommend going back and reading this one from Feb. 4).

One note:  Make sure to access and explore our Activities website Carlisle for the latest information and all forms pertinent to Carlisle Activities.



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