Monday, October 7, 2013

Jackie's Fight-Oct. 11

This Friday, Oct. 11th, our school and community will come together to watch a football game against Centerville.  The game, however, will serve as a rallying point for a more important cause.  A chance to come together, and show support, for a 2013 graduate of Carlisle High School, Jackie Montour.

Dubbed "Jackie's Fight" by the organizers of the event, Carlisle Police Chief Jason Doll and High School Principal Dr. Tony Aylsworth, the challenge to all those attending is to wear Red to show our love and support to Jackie and her family.

Jackie's Fight Press Release

Last month Carlisle Rescue and Carlisle Police responded to help Ms. Montour who has since been hospitalized in Iowa City still awaiting a heart transplant. Ms. Montour recently graduated from Carlisle High School in 2013 and is a resident of Carlisle.

The Montour family, the Carlisle Public Safety Departments and the Carlisle Community School District want to raise awareness about organ donations. Over 112,000 Americans currently wait for a life-saving organ transplant and over 640 of those people are Iowans. Up to 100 people in need can benefit from one person’s decision to be an organ and tissue donor. 19 people on the national waiting list die every day, about 6,000 people every year or 1 person every 85 minutes because there are not enough donated organs. Every day, 105 new names are added to the national organ waiting list. That is 1 person added every 14 minutes, every day.

Jackie's Fight T-shirts have been sold, but even if you didn't get one of those, get your Red on and show your support for Jackie.

Just last weekend, in the best news we've heard in quite sometime, Jackie received a heart and underwent the heart transplant procedure on Friday night.  There's still a long road to recovery, but what a blessing for Jackie to receive this gift.

If you're not already following Jackie's Fight page on Facebook, please do so to see updates and be encouraged by the strength of the family.  Please continue to keep Jackie, her family, and all of the doctors and nurses working with Jackie, in your thoughts and prayers.

Look forward to seeing everyone in a Sea of Red on Friday night.  The varsity game kicks off at 7:30 p.m.  Wear Red and show support for Jackie.


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